Marketing and Brand Strategy

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Foundational marketing support to help build your business

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I’m excited to work with you to find the best approach to presenting your brand’s story so that your customer can’t stop reading. The MEG MEDIA approach involves a thorough client intake or discovery session to gain a deeper understanding of your main goals. This is accompanied by a “data dump” where I review all relevant client files and compile a list of questions to better guide the discovery process. Then a detailed project proposal is delivered, along with a timeline listing key deliverables and, you know, when they’ll be delivered. My working style is highly collaborative, with an aim to stay curious and seek out answers rather than making assumptions.

Key components of a marketing strategy we can explore together include:

  • Clearly defining brand purpose and values
  • Developing a distinct brand identity (not just a visual identity – also personality, values)
  • Identifying a target audience
  • Positioning the brand (find your niche)
  • Crafting key messaging and communications strategy
  • Building a brand experience
  • Selecting the right marketing channels and tactics
  • Monitoring the brand and evolving the plan as needed

A well-defined and executed strategy can create an unforgettable brand presence, fostering customer loyalty and influencing customer behaviour.

Client Testimonial

Meg was incredibly attentive to our needs, appreciated the importance of our history, and helped us find the best ways to showcase our history in today’s fast paced social media world. We are so pleased with her work, her generosity, and our ongoing relationship.

Dean Smith, Black Ice Society