Content Marketing

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Choosing words that work

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Content marketing is rooted in effective copywriting … but it’s so much more than words on a screen. It’s about crafting the right message for the right audience – featured on the right channel at the right time! And I am determined to make sure my clients are content with their content.

With the right approach, we can engage and build trust with your target audience, driving profitable customer action. Rather than overtly promoting your brand, product, or service, we can showcase relevant information, entertainment, and education to draw the audience in and hold their attention. Organic social media is a key piece of the promotional puzzle – find out more.

Areas of content marketing we can explore include:

  • Understanding your audience – who they are and what drives their (online) behaviour
  • Storytelling – yes, this is an overused term by marketers but the brand story is important!
  • Creating the actual content – this is at the heart of content marketing – blogs, social media posts, articles, videos, podcasts and more
  • Scheduling – being consistent in delivering content is vital to successful content marketing
  • SEO – optimizing your content for search engines is important to improve visibility and discoverability
  • Distribution and promotion – all content needs to be distributed through various channels to reach your target audience
  • Engagement – it’s so important to find ways to encourage audience engagement, which could include: responding to comments, facilitating discussions, and building a community around your content
  • Measurement and analytics – goal setting is good – ROI is better – identifying the most important metrics can help marketers understand what works and what aspects of the plan need to evolve

Effective content marketing involves creating and sharing engaging, free content to entice your target audience

Client Testimonial

I have had the absolute pleasure of working with Meg and to have someone so dedicated to customer satisfaction is a real treat. Great interpersonal and communication skills, prompt, and above all she always has a fantastic attitude.

Frank Cochrane, Cochrane Family Farm