The Future of Marketing and AI – Better Together

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Preferred AI Tools for copy and image generation

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been dominating the discourse around emerging tech long before OpenAI launched ChatGPT at the end of November 2022. As a modern marketer, I’m starting to embrace AI tools. But I use them as a way to enhance the work that I do, not do my work for me. For example, ChatGPT is fantastic for exploring introductory research, current trends, step-by-step processes. If you work on a team of one and fear the blank page floating menacingly on the screen before you … why not brainstorm with a robot?

Recommended AI generative chatbots

  • ChatGPT – the OG – ideal for generating text, detailing technical processes, answering questions, offering resources, and generating code for developers, among other things
  • Gemini (formerly Bard) – Google’s answer to ChatGPT and a direct competitor, it integrates with other Google tools and services but has its limitations – you’ll find an interesting review on Gemini courtesy of TechCrunch HERE
  • Jasper – offers generative copy and image capabilities, promoted as a “copilot for marketing teams”
  • Claude – an AI assistant offered through Anthropic in partnership with Quora (aww, remember Quora?), it boasts advanced reasoning, code generation and multilingual processing (i.e. translating languages in real time)
  • ChatSonic– claims to be powered by Google Search with factual content-creation capabilities

Search Engine Journal (ENJ) provides a lengthy list of chatbots to try HERE.

For those of us who are marketers but not designers, Canva is a great tool not only for generating fresh social media templates – it also provides perspective on the latest design trends and colour palettes. It’s instant inspiration when crafting a creative brief to pass on to a graphic designer.

Recommended AI image generators

  • DALL·E 3 for an easy-to-use AI image generator (integrated directly into ChatGPT)
  • Midjourney for high image quality, more complex, creative prompts
  • Stable Diffusion (aka Dream Studio) for incredible image quality – generates “photos” and art while being very user friendly
  • Adobe Firefly for integrating AI-generated images into photos
  • Craiyon for a fun, free (with ads) way to generate simple, basic images

Zapier offers a comprehensive breakdown of AI image generators HERE.


… If you’re a content creator who requires a unique soundtrack, well … AI can help with that, too. The aptly named AIVA is a “music generation assistant” that can create new tracks within seconds in up to 250 styles of music. You can even upload existing tracks that you want the AI to use as sonic inspiration when generating new music for you.

Di++O Music recently curated list of options for AI driven music creation and production, which you can read HERE.

Be not afraid. AI is not out for our jobs. These tools are something you can approach with a sense of curiosity and play. As with the internet itself, AI is imperfect and in a constant state of evolution. A safe bet is to fact check written content before hitting “publish.”

Happy exploring – let me know what your new favourites are!